I’m sorry to say, but our animal brethren are disappearing.

I’m sorry to say, but our animal brethren are disappearing.


Though we all know human beings evolved from an ancient primate species, many people still feel we are above the other animals we share the planet with. Because of our ability to logic and reason many have ceased to think of themselves as animal at all anymore. But scientifically speaking we’re all just creatures of nature that are sharing this world together.

Living harmoniously with our animal cousins is in the best interest of everyone. All creatures have their place and contribute to the world in their own way. The earth needs all of us. But sadly, more and more species of animal are going extinct every year. We’re losing them as our allies in the fight to keep our planet healthy.


Here are some facts that show the true state of emergency that we’re in:

  1. The rate of species extinction is increasing. Today's extinction rate is anywhere from 100-1000 times what it was in previous geological periods. Around 25,000 plants and animals now become extinct from the world every year.

  1. On average, every four hours a another animal is extinct. This is compared to ten years ago, when the number was one every four days.
  1. In 2016 WWF published an announcement that the global wildlife population had decreased 58% since 1970. This is due to human activities exclusively.
  1. Almost 800 species of animals worldwide are about to disappear, including the Yangtze crocodile in China and the Madagascar lemur in Africa.
  1. The situation for amphibians is especially dire. 32% of the  5,743 amphibian species are now on the endangered list.
  1. According to the Red Book, 110 species and sub-species of mammals and 139 species and sub-species of bird have become extinct since the start of the 20th century. Currently,  593 species of bird, 400 species of mammal, 209 species of reptile, and  20,000 higher species of plants are endangered world wide.

Many of the amazing creatures that once roamed the earth are now gone, with more and more fading away. They’ve survived all the hardships of previous geographical time periods to evolve into what we now know them as. But they are losing the fight to survive against us.

We’ve always wanted to make products that would help people stop and think about all the beautiful wildlife out there and through their interest get them to care about the fate of the animals just a little more. Awareness of the problem is the first step to the solution. No one can save these animals alone, but if we all make small sustainable changes in our actions, our decisions, and our thinking, it can make all the difference in the world.

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