Snake & Snake Jewelry. A History, meaning, and symbolism

Snake & Snake Jewelry. A History, meaning, and symbolism



A breathtaking snake jewelry is no new to the world. From Cleopatra to Queen Victoria, this unique trend has been passed down from generation to generation. While we enjoy this striking trend, the real question is, what does snake jewelry symbolize? Why has it always been the talk of the town?

If you are baffled by all these questions, then you are just at the right place. From the snake necklace meaning to the snake pendant meaning, we have gathered everything you need to know about snake jewelry.

The symbolic meaning of Snake

We all know snakes for their scaly skin and venoms. Looking at this scary side, we have never pondered upon the true Snake Jewelry Meaning. Do you know what does snake jewelry symbolize?

You might get surprised to know that snakes are the perfect representation of goodness and wisdom. They are also a true depiction of eternal love. More than that, this threatening animal displays passion and sexual desires.

Going back to the historical figures, from Queen Victoria to Elizabeth to the Mughals, everyone has been obsessed with the terms “love” and passion”. Thus, it comes as no surprise that they all used to wear snake jewelry all the time. This design, indeed, is the most popular and timeless. But there is more to it.

The Snake necklace meaning and snake pendant meaning is beyond love and passion. They also depict fertility and creative life force. Snakes have a habit of shedding their skin. Many kings and queens in the past used to link this trait to rebirth and immortality. They even used transformation in this process. These three strong terms represent more power and value to them.

Snakes also have a tail in their mouth. This, again, has yet another unique representation. Kings used to link this characteristic to infinity and divinity. It was one of the compelling reasons for people to always wear snake jewelry. So, for the people who are still confused about whether is it bad to wear snake jewelry, they might have gotten the answer.

Brief History of Snakes

Biblical tales like Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit served as the basis for several Renaissance paintings, costumes, buildings, and jewelry. Snakes had a spiritual significance in various circumstances, although they weren't necessarily a good emblem.

A snake is described as slithering into the Garden of Eden in the Book of Genesis and tricking Eve into devouring an apple. It was the forbidden fruit of the knowledge tree. It all started when God exiled Adam and Eve from Eden after discovering their wrongdoing, reinvigorating suffering and wickedness. Then there was Medusa from Greek mythology, whose hair was made of real snakes that turned them to stone when they gazed at humans. This illustrates why these creatures have always been despised and demonized. This malicious story still makes us wonder about the real Snake Jewelry Meaning.

Snakes were a symbol of wealth and a God to the Egyptian pharaohs. They wore the jewelry as holy pendants around their forearms and collars. The Romans interpreted it in a variety of ways, from a sign of intelligence to an emblem of eternal love. On the other hand, Greeks revered them as holy representations of knowledge and reproduction. They also turn to the god of medicine, Aesculapius. He had had a snake coiled around his staff. It is basically a sign that is still used today to represent the medical field. This is just not it. There is more to the Snake Jewelry Meaning.

Hindus, as well as Semitic, Asian, and Northern American civilizations, all revered snakes as holy animals that stood in for something greater than themselves. The prehistoric Mayans and Aztecs also worshipped python gods. Although seeing a real snake usually makes people terrified, snake jewelry is known to be legendary.

Why do people choose to wear Snake Jewelry?

Although many people have a common dread of snakes, these creatures have a lot to teach us psychologically. The species wanders closer to the surface of the Earth than any other creature since its body lacks any limbs, hands, or feet. They see when they are in heat and lack ears. We should learn to take in or release energy by using our instincts and our environment.

Moreover, snakes lose their skin as they mature. It displays as a reminder to forget past disappointments and channel our strength into something uplifting and therapeutic. The act of carrying snake jewelry may promote the wearer's personal development. Your life's vitality might be understood as leading to birthing new ideas and starts or as having children.

Here is yet another intuitive Snake Jewelry Meaning. When you wear a snake bracelet or pair of earrings, you may embrace the God or Goddess that lives within you and feel seductive and strong. The Kings and Queens in the past loved to be worshipped. They loved to feel powerful and beyond everyone. Thus, they used to represent themselves by wearing hefty snake jewelry.

The use of snakes in ornaments was likely greatly influenced by ancient Egypt. Serpents represented royalty and gods during this period. Thus, it is not surprising that many Pharos carried magnificent snake pendants to signify their rank. Snake designs were not only used in costume jewelry but were also carved onto the crowns of monarchs and queens. Even some of the modern pyramids have cobras engraved onto their sides.

Historical Figures

If we go back to history, Ancient Egyptians were the most famous people who were allured to snake jewelry designs. One such was Cleopatra. If you look at her pictures, you will always find snake pendants or snake rings. From top to bottom, her look used to be drowned in snake jewels. After all, they were the epitome of divinity and immortality.

This amazing history is not just restricted to Cleopatra. Queen Victoria was also engrossed with these wondrous jewelry pieces. After receiving a wedding ring in the shape of a snake from Prince Albert with emerald gemstone eyeballs, Queen Victoria served to promote the prominence of snake and serpent jewelry. Since they frequently stand for limitless and everlasting love, snake bracelets and serpent bands were their necessity throughout history. As time passed, the popularity of animal designs grew, and ravagers and other Ancient Egyptian-inspired designs became popular. The credit goes to inspirations from Britain who were brought after the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.

Not just the ancient world, but the trend of snake jewelry is still in the limelight. It still represents divinity, royalty, and power. Moreover, it still comes it amazing designs and variations that you do not have to look mundane to show your power. You can easily scroll through numerous sites, such as, to find your perfect match.

Snake ring symbolism and meaning

We all love wearing jewelry. But let us be honest here. Which is the most symbolic piece of jewelry that everyone loves? Isn't it the ring? This petite and pretty piece has immense value in our hearts. But have you ever thought of the snake ring meaning?

Snake Ring Meaning

Since ancient times, snake or serpentine rings have been common. They mostly signify enduring love. When the light hits them, the jewels in certain snake rings' bodies seem to be moving. It gives the impression that the snake is moving. Other snake rings are made of simple metal with ornamental gemstones positioned in the snake's head.

These rings are of different types. The Ouroboros-inspired variation of traditional snake rings or jewelry is rather common. Most of the images depict a snake devouring its own tail to form an endless loop. It has been a traditional representation of life and time. Other snake ring designs include double serpent rings and those that spiral around the finger.

Rings have long stood in for everlasting love, especially in Christian marriage rituals. Most importantly, the circle has long been an important symbol of completeness and purity. Snake rings add to the circle's significance and have varying cultural importance.

They were used by Greek mythology as a tribute to the deity of healing Asclepius, who Zeus slew out of concern that Asclepius might make all of humanity immortal. The snake continues to represent medicine in modern times.

Why Snake Rings are Popular?

The change in post-industrial revolution manufacturing technology may have also contributed to the snake ring's popularity in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. During the industrial revolution, machine-made jewelry replaced laboriously hand-crafted jewelry. Jewelry became less expensive as a result, making it more widely available.

The Victorians loved birthstones and used as many different types of jewels as they could in their jewelry. Because emerald was Queen Victoria's birthstone and it is believed that she was cremated wearing her snake engagement ring, Prince Albert selected a gold snake ring with an inlaid emerald.

Compared to other antique jewelry, snake rings' provenance is simpler to identify than other antique jewellery since many of the rings made included significant quantities of gold. They were also stamped with complete hallmarks, including manufacturers' marks and year initials. It makes the snake rings the most special ones. As aforementioned, one of the most common snake jewelry is the Ouroboros jewelry. What is so special about it?

Symbolism and meaning of Ouroboros jewelry

Do you know the Ouroboros Jewelry Meaning? Have you ever noticed how a snake or a dragon would coil around itself while holding its tail in its jaws, producing a ring or a circle in the images? In Egypt in the year 1600 BC. It finally made its way from there to Greece. The name "Ouroboros" comes from the Greek words "oura," which means "tail" and "bros." It simply means "eating."

The Ouroboros has acquired many diverse meanings throughout ancient civilizations, yet they all allude to the same essential principles. It illustrates the changing nature of the planet, how the end is also the beginning, the never-ending cycle of mortality and regeneration, how light inevitably gives birth to a dark, and how light always gives way to darkness.

The Ouroboros symbol in alchemical art often represents the cyclical aspect of nature. The sign is also characterised by a biblical snake resembling Eden's serpent.

Using the Ouroboros in Jewelry

When the Ouroboros symbol is made into jewelry, the person may use it as inspiration on a more personal level. Here is how it is used:

Symbol of the Dragon

This pendant's creative use of the ouroboros to create the Gordian Knot creates a strong symbol of unity. It strives to bring the wearer into harmony with everything around them.

Continuum Dragon

It is a unique object created by joining not two but three symbols. They are

  • The infinity sign
  • The Mobius loop
  • The Ouroboros

The Ouroboros symbolizes how the beginning and end are one. The Mobius loop illustrates how the inner and exterior are identical. The infinity sign symbolizes eternity.

The Pendant of Divination

One of humanity's deepest ambitions is the ability to predict the future, and David has captured it in The Divination Pendant. The lizard develops a new tail and loses its old skin. It is seen as having the capacity for ongoing rejuvenation. "Behold the Glory of the First Cause," engraved on the pendant's top portion, refers to the moment the cosmos was created. The goal of the pendant is to provide its wearer with a thorough awareness of time and the power of divination.


In a nutshell, snakes are more than just frightening animals. They are a symbol of power, royalty, and divinity. Now that you know everything about the Snake Jewelry Meaning, shop your heart out from the fantastic collection at They have everything you have been looking for. From the amazing pendant collection to the varieties of rings, you will find all the unique pieces in each category. So what are you waiting for? Get your snake jewelry and show the world your divinity.

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