The Mysterious Master of the Sea - The Octopus


If you watch a fantasy movie involving sea creatures chances are you're going to see something inspired by the octopus. Just look at Davy Jones on Pirates of the Caribbean and the octopus captain on Battle of the Gods. And perhaps most famous of all, the mighty Cthulhu. These media interpretations have left a deep impression on society as a whole.

Whales and sharks may be thought of as kings of the deep, but nothing can top the mystery and majesty of the octopus. Even just watching it move is otherworldly.

Perhaps the most famous of the octopus lore is the Norse myth of a sea creature with tentacles called the Kraken. It was said to be giant with amazingly destructive powers. They believed it lived in the deep but came up to attack ships and cause giant waves. It was a daunting prospect to many sailors who believed in the tale.

The Mysterious Master of the Sea - The Octopus

There were no true sightings of a creature matching the description of the Kraken for a long time. Then on November 30th, 1861 a French warship left Spain and sailed toward Tenerife. On the way they were attacked by a giant octopus like creature. Captain Hier recalled that the beast was 5-6 meters long with 2 meter tentacles. It was thought to be the legendary Kraken. With the combined efforts of the entire crew the creature was harpooned. They tried to lasso it's tentacles together but unfortunately it twisted so hard that it escaped the harpoon and escaped. All that was left behind was a piece of its meat on the ropes that weighted 40lb.

Of course we know now that it was no supernatural monster, most likely it was a large species of octopus or squid. The Guinness book of records has recorded the largest octopus as the Giant North Pacific Octopus. It has a circumference of 9.1 meters and a weight of 272 kg. They live in depths of 65 meters and are so large that they can prey on sharks. Such a thing would be easy to mistake as a sea monster!

Our teamhas incorporated this amazing creature into our product series, most notably with our Octopus holder which can hold phones, tablets, pens, etc etc. We strived to recreate the octopus in a way that did justice to its majesty. We hope that it will not only be a functional piece of your everyday life, but something that brings you peace and joy to see.

The Mysterious Master of the Sea - The Octopus 2
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