Unboxing review from Ferny: Brass Snake Pendant & Rattlesnake Tail Pendant

Unboxing review from Ferny: Brass Snake Pendant & Rattlesnake Tail Pendant


From this video, you can get a clearer understanding of what our products look like when you receive them, and Ferny also made a positive description of our products

Our snake pendant has 1000 snake scales on the snake body, and the touch is similar to the real snake body scales. When you touch it carefully with your hand, you can feel the undulations of the snake scales, it is a perfect work of art.

The snake represents a powerful life force, it is also a symbol of rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing, wear our snake pendant necklace and gain the power to start a new life.

Our rattlesnake tail pendant has a total of 10 sections, 8 of which are removable and the end 3 sections are fused together. Each of these parts is hand welded. The parts we attached the tail to the rings were designed to simulate the vertebrae of a rattlesnake, and we even had some scales etched for added effect. When shaken at the same time, it is like a real rattlesnake tail, with the perfect wobble arc and loud and menacing sound to scare off enemies, it is a guardian jewel that symbolizes the protection of you and your family

If you have any thoughts and suggestions about our products, you can post your real comments in the comment area, we welcome every customer to express their true thoughts.

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