Brass Spear Pendant

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prodcut sevice
prodcut sevice
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In the early days of man, people only had simple tools and weapons to aid them in their lives. There is a special stone called flint that is sharp but easily shaped that was most commonly used although evidence can also be found of tools made of obsidian, bone, and chert . We’ve depicted one of those simple weapons here in brass. It’s a spearhead and it was attached to the ends of wooden staffs using a plant based resin to keep it in place.

You can find these artifacts all over the world dating back to about 64.000 years ago. It’s a fascinating piece of history that we’ve tried to recreate for you here. It’s the ultimate gift for prehistoric fans or anyone who wants to add a little wild and primitive vibe to their look. Buy one today for a loved one or even yourself.  


Dimensions : 30 X 15 mm / 1.18 X 0.59 inches

Weight : 11.5 g / 0.41 Oz

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