Brass Viper Bottle Opener

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prodcut sevice
prodcut sevice
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This Novelty Bottle Opener is modeled after the mighty viper. A venomous snake with a triangular head. We portrayed it curled up and waiting patiently, whether it be for a meal or your bottle, who knows! As a pure brass bottle opener, it fits good in the hand and feels sturdy to use. It’s a wonder in terms of metal working with over 14,000 individual scales including the scales on the inner curved parts that are difficult to reach. There are very few metal artworks that could achieve such complexity in their design. It’s a truly unique bottle opener that is both a work of art and a functional tool.

The inspiration for this beautiful products scales comes from the animal itself. Vipers have what is called keeled scales. This means that instead of being smooth like the scales of some other snakes, the viper scales have a ridge down the center that adds texture. People have compared it to what they imagine dragon scales to feel like. No one knows why this particular adaptation came about. But, it’s thought that the keeled scales reduce the shininess and glare that can come from flat scales. This enables them to hide better, both from predators for protection, and prey for hunting.

If you’re an animal lover, or just someone who likes having unique and conversation worthy items, this Bottle Opener is for you. Why use a boring bottle opener when you can treat yourself to something unique and fun. Indulge yourself and buy one today!

Style Bottle Opener
Shape Snake(Viper)
Material Brass
Length 61.86 mm / 2.44 inches
Width 61.63 mm / 2.43 inches
High 30.85 mm / 1.21 inches
Weight 146.53 g / 5.17 ounces
Package Content 1*Snake Bottle Opener

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