Refresh your workspace with the latest creative desk decorations in 2022

Refresh your workspace with the latest creative desk decorations in 2022


Five great desk accents to spice up your workspace. Make your desk an extension of yourself by filling it with unique items that showcase your style!

In our busy lives, we often spend more time than we'd like at a desk. Why should we not make it a haven? Both productivity and mood improve when we change our environment to fit our interests. That's why things like desk accents are so important. They help you personalize your workspace to better fit your unique style and taste. With that in mind here are the five coolest desk accessories for 2022.

Top 5 Latest Cool Desk Accessories for 2022

Octopus holder desk accents--from COPPERTIST.WU

When you have a hectic life, being able to multi-task is essential. This octopus holder desk accent was brought to you by Coppertist.Wu can definitely help with that by freeing up your hands for other tasks! This nautical beauty made of bronze has elaborately designed tentacles that stretch up towards the sky to hold your phone, tablet, or other miscellaneous items safely. It's a truly elegant product and is sure to bring an air of sophistication to your workspace. This creative desk accessory is certainly blessed with both functionality and aesthetics.

Octopus Pen HolderOctopus Phone StandOctopus iPad Holder

Cork Rocket Desk Tidy--from Suck UK

Who says that an office or desk has to be all seriousness? This Cork Rocket Desk Tidy, brought to you by Suck UK, Is a fun and whimsical desk accent sure to delight. Fill the inside of this hollow rocket with your pencils and pens and use the outer cork to tack up notes or pictures. It's 100% natural, recyclable, and biodegradable. This incredibly cute desk accessory is perfect for children and adults and adds a sense of whimsy to any workspace.

Cork Rocket Desk Tidy

Bird Robin Paperweight--from Zuny

We would all rather be outside in the fresh air when we're stuck in our offices and at our desks working. Well, now you can bring the outdoors back indoors with this Bird Robin Paperweight by Zuny. This adorable earth-toned desk accent is made of soft material and is sewn together with a weighted center to keep your papers where they should be.

Bird Robin Paperweight

Kirby Vase Desk Decor--from Areaware

For those of you who love a modern and minimal aesthetic, look no further for your next cool desk accessory than this. These Kirby Vase Decors from Areaware are the perfect combination of simple and elegant. The creators of this product are architects that used their knowledge to start making unique everyday-use items. This fun desk accent lack of color and fun shape will make it pair great with pretty much any type of flower and bring some beauty to your day.

Kirby Vase Desk Decor


Do you want a desk accessory that incorporates your love of the mechanical? If this is you, these Motorcycle Bookends from Pendulux, cast in aluminum with brass detailing, would be the perfect addition to your office. The flat area of the bookend itself comes either in polished aluminum or with a black matte finish to better fit your tastes. It's a unique desk accent that's sure to turn your workspace into one that better fits who you are.



  • How can I make my desk look clean?

    The organization is the key to a clean-looking desk. Invest in good desk accents and accessories to make sure everything has a place.

  • How do I make my desk look aesthetic?

    You already know that certain desk accessories are going to be needed to make your work more efficient. Why not make sure all those accessories are fitted to your unique tastes and styles. Make everything on your desk an extension of yourself. Be creative!

  • What should I put on my desk at home?

    Whatever it is that will make your daily work easier. Accent items that double for storage and organization are always a good idea though

  • How can I make my office more fun?

    Personalize, personalize, personalize. Make it your own and choose items that make you think WOW. When you're surrounded by things you enjoy you'll be amazed at how much fun your space can be.

    Don't let your desk stay boring another day. Find some accents that speak to you and spice up your space. Any of these on the list would make a great addition to any desk or office, and there are countless more out there. Let your style really shine through.

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