our mission

A large portion of the public is unaware of the dire situation our wildlife is in. The changing of their natural environments by humans has increased the extinction rates anywhere from 100-1000 times more than what should be natural. We’ve lost 60% of species in just the past 40 years. It isn’t just the iconic tigers, rhinos, and whales that are in danger. There are countless other species that have either disappeared already or are close to it that aren’t as commonly known. The problem is worse than it first appears. We are facing a devastating change in our world.

When we realized the extent of the issue we knew we had to help in some way. The implications of humanity failing our planet and letting this wide-spread extinction event continue were almost to horrible to picture. But what can be done? In order to truly help the situation, awareness needed to be raised about these amazing animals. People need to know them to care about, respect, and protect them. That’s why our products feature many of these endangered species.

We’ve always designed our products with sustainability in mind. We use safe metals, power saving techniques with our machinery, and minimal packaging to keep our carbon footprint low. But we still felt like we could do more. 

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