Our Mission

At the heart of our work is a simple but powerful mission: to celebrate and protect the incredible creatures that share our world through the magic of art. We believe that when we shine a light on the beauty and wonder of wildlife, we can inspire others to join us in respecting and cherishing these amazing beings. Our hope is that by sharing our art and spreading awareness about the incredible diversity of life on our planet, we can help foster a deeper appreciation for the natural world and all its inhabitants.

Inspired By Nature

Nature is our ultimate muse! We're totally enchanted by the amazing creatures that share this planet with us. That's why we put all our love and creativity into capturing the essence of these wild wonders in our art. Whether you're wearing one of our pieces or using it in your daily life, we hope you'll feel a special connection to the natural world. Let our art be a reminder of the beauty and magic that surrounds us all.

Elegant Originality

Artisanal jewelry crafted with passion & precision.

Creating our jewelry is an art form that flows through us like a river of inspiration. We're artisans who bring to life, the spark of imagination into each of our unique pieces. Our process begins with a flicker of an idea, which we carefully craft through intricate 3D modeling and handpicking the finest raw materials. Every curve, every line, every detail is thoughtfully considered and executed with precision and passion. As artists, we believe that our jewelry is a statement of individuality, a reflection of our inner selves. It's an expression of our artistic flair and a tribute to the beauty of nature.

Only the Best Material

We're all about quality here at our workshop, and we only use the best materials for our creations! Brass is a timeless metal that has been used for centuries in all kinds of art, from statues to sacred ceremonies. It has a warm, inviting tone that's perfect for capturing the essence of the wild. And the best part? Brass is super malleable, which means we can get really creative with our designs! As you wear your brass pieces, they'll gradually oxidize and develop a unique, one-of-a-kind character that's just as wild and free as you are.

But if you're more of a silver lover, don't fret - we've got you covered! Sterling silver has been a fan favorite since waaay back in the day, and it's still just as cool today. It's a timeless metal that's been used in almost everything and of course, gorgeous jewelry. And just like with brass, we offer most of our designs in silver too, so you can choose the material that speaks to your soul.

Coppertist.Wu (HK)Creative Limited

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