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Coppertist.Wu is not only about creating unique products, but also about building a meaningful community that advocates for the love, understanding and respect for nature! We call this community “Living with Nature”. Over the past 40 years, the earth has lost 30% of its biodiversity, and up to 60% in tropical areas. The current human conservation efforts lags far behind the current rate of extinction, which is at least 100-1,000 times higher than normal. Since the beginning, we knew that people were looking forward to such community. Even before we shared our idea with the public, we are still very surprised in the many messages received globally, saying: "this is so wonderful to find a brand that not only aligns with my values, but encourages us to be more determined in our ideas". Seeing our message resonate with so many people, we have never been more confident and hopeful about the future.

Become our ambassador, become part of a community of creators who try to give back to nature, and express your beliefs with like-minded people.



  1. What does this mean?

Be part of the Coppertist.Wu “LIVING WITH NATURE” community and be part of a charitable movement that gives back to nature (brand ambassadors, in short, are amazing people that help us spread the LIVINGWITHNATURE brand concept, express their love of life, nature, and making the world a better place).


  1. The value


Play an important role in Coppertist.Wu’s philanthropic mission


  1. Special coupons


As a brand ambassador, you can enjoy a 10% discount on every purchase, 15% discount on every new product release, and exclusive purchase rights for limited products.


  1. Expand your influence


Build your followers and see yourself featured on Coppertist.Wu's social platform