Beware of Post-mortem Rattlesnake Attacks

Beware of Post-mortem Rattlesnake Attacks


There is a strange and poisonous snake that lives in many parts of the United States. They are called rattlesnakes because they are not only extremely venomous but can also make a sharp sound.

The scary thing about the rattlesnake is not how fierce it is when it is alive. After all, we know a lot of fierce snakes. But did you know that even after a rattlesnake dies it can attack its surroundings. Does this sound incredible?

An eccentric study

Researchers in Arizona, USA, conducted an investigation specifically on rattlesnakes. They interviewed 34 victims who had been attacked by rattlesnakes. It turned out that 5 of the 34 victims clearly stated - they were injured by an attack sent by a dead rattlesnake.

The Secret of Rattlesnake Death Attacks

It has shown that the head of the rattlesnake has special organs that can sense the surrounding enemies according to infrared light by scientific research. The reason why there is an attack after death is because of the reflection of the infrared sensing organ. When they die, as long as their bodily functions are not completely gone and the sensing organ in their head is still intact, they can still sense creatures that generate heat in the surrounding 15 cm, and this is mostly valid for less than an hour.

Why can they make loud noises?

Snakes generally go through multiple molts, and rattlesnakes are no exception. However, unlike other snakes, rattlesnakes have some keratin left at the end of their tails after each molt, and this keratin slowly forms a series of keratin rings.

The rattlesnake will quickly swing the tail ring when the enemy is found or when there is violent action. It can swing about 40 to 60 times per second. Through the vibration of the air, so it makes a strange rattling sound.

We try to portray them in our works through modern techniques in order to show the beauty of wild animals. We can make more people pay attention to and protect them and to promote the harmony between human and nature as well. This is why most of our works are based on wild animals. Rattlesnakes also amaze us, so we have created a rattlesnake tail pendant. It will show you why rattlesnakes can make sounds.

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