Our Craftsmanship

All Coppertist.Wu pieces are designed and produced by our studio. The artisans in our studio have more than 15 years of experience in handcraft. Each piece is hand-casted and hand-polished by them. We use different types of copper as the main material, combined with silver and gemstones for the complete creation.

Due to the high melting point of copper, the variety in size and thickness of each piece of work, and the different temperature of each casting, our work can be very prone to defects in its process of creation. Therefore, the probability of success of the casting work completely depends on the expertise of the artisans.

Manual polishing after casting is also very important. Many of our animal and plant designs have very complex textures due to intricate details, with few smooth areas. It is easy to completely scrap the work that is about to be completed without experience in polishing. Therefore, the intensity and skill of each polishing process are very important.

Copper and other metals will appear bright after casting, lacking sophistication and quality. Therefore, our artisans perform a manual oxidation process. However, due to the variance in humidity and temperature in each of the hand creation process, the resulting effect can appear different each time, with the artisan’s experience crucially important in controlling this process.

These natural metals develop a close relationship with the environment and its possessor over time, creating unique and fascinating oxidation effects; their unpredictable yet vibrant properties are what fascinate us most.

We adhere to the highest standards for every piece of work we produce, which is why we exclusively work with highly skilled artisans to create beloved handmade items while providing sustainable and fair employment opportunities.