Do rattlesnakes lay eggs?

Do rattlesnakes lay eggs?


The rattlesnake is a North American venomous pit viper with a distinctive tail that makes a rattling noise when it’s shaken. But there is more to this beautiful creature than just its tail. It’s a fascinating animal with its own unique traits. What else can we learn about it? Let’s start with this, do rattlesnakes lay eggs?

Do rattlesnakes lay eggs?

They produce eggs but they don’t lay them, This sounds confusing but rattlesnakes are what’s called ovoviviparous. This means that they nurture their eggs inside and then give live birth. It’s uncommon in the snake world. Most snakes lay eggs and then sit on them for a while. But though rare, giving live birth is not unheard of. 20%-30% of all snake species give live birth as well.

When do rattlesnakes have babies

The male rattlesnake becomes sexually mature and able to impregnate females between 4-6 years of age. The female however is slower to reach adulthood. She isn’t considered mature and able to have young until shes between 7-13 years old. When they do reach maturity the mating season usually takes place in spring and early summer with the rattlers actively seeking out mates. The birthing then takes place about 90 days later and is usually between late summer and early fall. Though this information is the average, it can vary based on location and climate.


How Many Babies Can a Rattlesnake Have at Once?

The rattlesnake, compared to some other snake species, has a relatively small clutch size. On average just 8-15 babies. They can have up to 25 but it’s very rare. They also only breed every two to three years so they aren’t considered very prolific breeders. Sadly most of those 8-15 babies don’t live to adulthood.


Do Rattlesnakes Stay with Their Eggs?

Rattlesnakes are not what you would call nurturing mothers. They leave directly after giving birth and the babies are left to fend for themselves. The babies come out of their mother already venomous and already ready to hunt. She doesn’t stay because the babies have all the tools they need to be self sufficient. Unfortunately their small size makes them vulnerable to bigger predators as well the elements. This is the reason many don’t make it.


Why are rattlesnakes Endangered?

Though only one species of rattlesnake is considered officially threatened, their numbers are decreasing steadily due to loss of habitat, changing climate, and human maliciousness. For instance in TX they have whats called the rattlesnake round up where countless rattlesnakes are gathered together and slaughtered. It won’t be long before we see more rattlesnake species on the endangered list.


What to Do if You Find a Baby Rattlesnake?

If you’re out in the wild do nothing. Most bites happen when people are trying to mess with the snake in some way. It won’t chase you so its more than safe to just walk away and leave it alone. If you’re in a public area where safety is an issue, then call a snake removal company and try and keep an eye on where the snake is until they get there. Don’t touch it or try and mess with it in any way. Just let the professionals handle it.


Why do we need rattlesnakes?

Even though it may not seem like it, every animal is important to our eco-system in some way. The same is true of the rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes feed mostly on small mammals such as rats. Because of this rattlesnakes help keep the population of small mammals from getting out of hand. This is especially useful when you consider how many diseases can be carried by small mammals, after all the black plague was spread by rats.

Why do we need rattlesnake

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