Five little secrets about chameleons

Five little secrets about chameleons


The Chameleons ability to camouflage itself with color seems almost magical. Just like an invisibility spell in a book, the chameleon can disappear almost completely. This helps it not only to avoid danger, but to better hunt.  

These adorable little creatures hail from Africa, Madagascar, Southern Europe, and southern Asia. They’ve captured the public’s interest and their hearts. Now get to know these unique creatures better with five little secrets about Chameleons that are sure to fascinate you.

  1. They’re very slow

Chameleons are very slow movers, so they generally stay in the branches of trees out of reach of predators. This is obviously much safer for them. Even if they’re frightened and trying to escape they can only go about 20 ft per minute.

  1. The eyes are very flexible

Humans as a general rule can only see what’s in front of and in the periphery of what’s directly in front of them. They cannot look in more than one direction at a time. But these amazing shape shifting dragons are different. Their eyes can turn in all directions independently of each other. For example one eye can be looking to the front while the other watches the rear and etc.

    3、They hunt with a suction cup tongue

Chameleons have especially long tongues and they hunt by shooting those tongues out to catch their prey. As the tongue is shooting out the muscles contract and the tip of the tongue turns into a suction cup of sorts that latches on to the prey so it can’t escape. This increases their likelihood of having a successful hunt.

  1. The smallest chameleon only gets 29 mm

There’s a species of chameleon in the tropical Madagascar rainforest that only reach a length of 29mm (3 inches). This is equivalent to the size of a fingernail. Interestingly enough, this species of chameleon does not change colors.

  1. They have a varied diet.

Chameleons are definitely not a specialty eater (only bugs, only plants etc etc.) In fact, the chameleons ability to eat many different kinds of food often helps it in times of famine. They can eat insects, small lizards, and even plants.

Our chameleon tape measure is modeled after this amazing creature in the hopes that it will help inspire love and appreciation of it by our customers. We recreated the chameleons features including its amazingly retractable tongue to being you an item that is truly unique. We’ve worked hard to make this both a beautiful and functional tool that will meet the needs of everyone!

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