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Intricate details, high quality and excellent service A+

Thank you so much for your kind words and positive feedback on our Trilobite Kinetic Pendant! We're thrilled to hear that you appreciate the intricate details and high quality of our product. Providing excellent service is always our top priority, so we're glad that you had a great experience with us. Thank you for choosing our pendant and we hope to see you again soon! A+ all around.

Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnets
Alba Andrés Criado

Love it! Now he’s taking care of my plant terrarium!

Thank you for your kind words! We are so glad to hear that our Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnets are not only functional but also adding a touch of charm to your plant terrarium. Happy to know that our little gecko is taking good care of your plants. Thank you for choosing our product.

A cute little snake wraps itself around your finger very gracefully, you can choose the size yourself.

Interesting suspension, folds and unfolds from movement, as if alive.

Thank you for your review of our Scorpion Tail Pendant. We're glad to hear that you find its suspension interesting and lifelike. We strive to create unique and dynamic pieces, and we're thrilled that you appreciate the movement of this pendant. Thank you for choosing our product!

A cool detail for a chain or bracelet. A charming little detail adds style.

Thank you for your kind review of our Dragon Scale Charm! We're so glad to hear that you find it to be a cool and charming addition to your jewelry collection. We hope it continues to add style to your chain or bracelet. Thanks again for your support!

Simple keychains, but made with a twist. The inscription makes you think about your life.

Convenient ring size. Not deformed. Keys are easily attached.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Electric Eel Key Ring set. We're happy to hear that you find the ring size convenient and that your keys are easily attached without any deformities. We appreciate your feedback and hope you continue to enjoy using our product. Have a great day!

Convenient, reliable ring for keys. Beautiful drawing.

Very beautiful Dragon Pendant. I'd like to look at it. Small details will appear as you wear them. It will begin to shine.

A very graceful dragon. I'd like to look at it. Small details will appear as you wear them.
Brass looks even more interesting than silver.

Snake Keychain

Convenient Snake Keychain. Can be used as a pendant on a chain. Every scale is visible. The detail is superb.

Convenient Flower Keychain. Sticks well to any jeans. I use it every day

Large pendant “Scorpion Tail”. When moving, it changes shape. Very unusual.

Very detailed Raven Skull Pendant! Attracts attention with its unusualness.

The Ouroboros ring is an ancient symbol of the eternity of the cyclical nature of life. I always want to look at him.

A large ring, a snake seems to be crawling around your finger. It attracts people's attention very much.

A beautiful ring with adjustable size. The dragon scales are beautifully crafted.

Amazing chain. I really like the production. Careful attention to detail.

Comfortable Dragon Scale bracelet. The size can be changed to suit your hand size.

This beautiful scorpion crawls towards a beer bottle to open it.

The most awesome pendant. It really attracts attention how it bends with movement. Fascinating.

Ball Chain - 3mm

Nice chain. Very suitable for many Coppertist pendants. I recommend.

Cool Ouroboros Keychain. I sometimes wear it as a pendant. The combination of silver and brass and the pattern looks attractive.

Snake Keychain

Graceful snake. Excellently executed, every scale is visible. I like her very much.

Beautiful chain. Very suitable for different pendants.
Easy to fasten and hold.