Our Story

Coppertist.Wu is a community of craftsman, designers and artists. In the past ten years of jewelry making experience, Wu has always firmly believed that the beauty of handcraft can not be replaced by mechanized mass production. We have always maintained a simple heart to constantly break through the boundaries of craftsmanship. We are committed to create soulful jewelries and accessories using traditional craftsmanship techniques.


We draw inspiration from different cultures, philosophies and nature, and enjoy the rewarding process of turning every spark in our mind into a reality with our hands. Metal represents eternity, we are driven by full passion to present our unique work, because each piece carries on our existence in the world.


The main materials we use are different kinds of copper, and we also combine silver and precious stones to create unique work. Compared to other metals, copper has an interesting and fascinating chemical effect over time, as it develops a close relationship with the environment and the user. What fascinates us most is its unpredictable and dynamic metallic nature.


Respect and conservation of nature is one of our core themes. Therefore, we only use natural materials and environmentally friendly processes during the production of our work. In order to avoid any chemical covering of the surfaces and leave them in a natural state, we refuse to use any plating processes. We hope to make a small contribution to reducing environmental pollution.


Enjoy discovering!