Our Story

The beginning of the story

Clash of inspirations between artist Kyle and artisan Ryan


It all started with a snake.

On an outdoor adventure in a forest, the duo crossed a stream and spotted a wild viper darting through the grass. "The motion of that viper was perfect for a necklace," Kyle said. After the adventure, Ryan noted down the interesting idea and decided to give it a try. That was when the fun began......


"Animal + metal", such a magical combination. 

The first batch of work was listed on the internet, and it sold out within days while generating lots of attention.


What else can we do for them?

This work has brought more thinking: it is not only a handmade piece of art, but also can attract people’s attention and promote understanding of these interesting animals. In fact, many of these creatures face adverse living conditions and challenging environments. It would be great if our work can attract attention and promote awareness of environmental protection; Coppertist Wu was created with such idea in mind. We have a growing following because of our creative design and the idea of giving back to nature.


We are committed to sustainability and giving back

At Coppertist.Wu, giving back has always been at the heart of what we do. We know that the decisions surrounding our products, processes and business models can have a significant impact on the environment we should protect, so we have always been thinking about efforts of giving back to nature since the beginning of building the brand. We use metals extracted from the Earth for our work (100% reusable), and we use fully biodegradable materials for our packaging. We are always trying to do better and are always looking for opportunities to work with environmental and animal conservation organizations. We are looking for more people to join us and contribute to the cause of global environmental protection.

To be continued...