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Double Snake Pendant

Double Snake Pendant

MaterialBrass Double Snake Pendant Brass, Black Zircon Double Snake Pendant Oxidized Silver, Black Zircon Double Snake Pendant Black, Black Zircon Double Snake Pendant Gold Vermeil & Gemstone
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At Coppertistwu, we make the highest quality accessible. Unlike major brands that markup prices 8-10x the actual cost, we do things differently. With our independent design and production in our own artisanal studio, we offer you premium jewelry at fair prices, matching top materials and craftsmanship without the usual price hikes.

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Materials: Brass, Black Zircon
Size: Height: 1.43'' / 36.5mm
Width: 1.28'' / 32.75mm
Thin: 0.17'' / 4.4mm
Weight: 0.6oz / 17.2g
Style: Brass Pendant

Brass Double Snake Pendant


The Double Snake Pendant carries profound symbolism, representing the cycle of life and eternal renewal. The entwined snakes epitomize the continuous process of life, death, and rebirth, a concept celebrated in various cultures. The pendant is a timeless symbol of this ever-revolving cycle.

This pendant showcases an ingenious design, featuring two snakes artfully entwined, akin to a lucky four-leaf clover, signifying good fortune. Each snake scale is meticulously visible, harmonizing with the clasp's design elements, creating a cohesive aesthetic. The snake's eyes are adorned with handcrafted cubic zirconia, adding a touch of elegance to this remarkable piece.

The Double Snake Pendant was born from the success of our Double Snake Cross design. Customers admired the beauty of the entwined snakes and suggested a standalone pendant. While feasible, it required significant modifications. To achieve the desired visual impact, the snakes were made thicker. Perfecting the alignment of the snakes, with both now having their backs on top, was a meticulous process.

This pendant is not merely a piece of jewelry; it encapsulates the profound cycle of life and the beauty of renewal. Whether as an addition to your collection or a thoughtful gift, it embodies the enduring symbolism of life's continuous journey. Adorn yourself with this pendant and carry the essence of eternal renewal with you, a testament to the interconnected cycles of existence.

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