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Ouroboros Keychain

Ouroboros Keychain

MaterialBrass Ouroboros Keychain Brass Ouroboros Keychain Oxidized Silver Ouroboros Keychain Gold Vermeil & Gemstone
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At Coppertistwu, we make the highest quality accessible. Unlike major brands that markup prices 8-10x the actual cost, we do things differently. With our independent design and production in our own artisanal studio, we offer you premium jewelry at fair prices, matching top materials and craftsmanship without the usual price hikes.

Traditional Jewelers $ 70



Materials: Brass

Brass Ouroboros Snap Keychain


The Ouroboros Keychain, a stunning accessory inspired by the ancient symbol of the Ouroboros. This powerful symbol represents protection and rebirth, making it the perfect inspiration for a keychain that will keep your keys secure and provide a sense of renewal each time you use it.

Crafted with over 1000 intricate scales, each one clearly visible, and snake eyes that are hand-set with zirconia stones, the Brass Ouroboros Keychain is an impressive piece of art. But it's not just about the design - the quick release mechanism makes it easy to use, providing both style and convenience.

The Ouroboros Keychain is a one-of-a-kind accessory that combines style and meaning. The Brass and Oxidized Silver provide different options for those looking for a stylish and meaningful accessory, and make perfect gifts for any occasion. The Ouroboros Quick Release Keychain is a must-have for anyone looking for a unique and inspiring accessory that will provide both protection and rebirth.


Brand Coppertist.Wu
Style Keychains
Shape Ouroboros
Material Brass
Diameter 1.22 inches/ 31.15 mm
Weight 0.47 ounces/ 13.39 g
Type A Package 1 * Brass Ouroboros Keychain
1 * Ouroboros Keyring
Type B Package 1 * Brass Ouroboros Keychain
5 * Mini Keyring

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Paulina k.

Beauty ❤️

Thank you so much for taking the time to write us a review, we so appreciate it!

Kevin S.

I keep acquiring Coppertist pieces because frankly even the smallest thing like a key chain is simply a work of art. The attention to detail and quality is astounding and really kind of unexpected in this day and age of crappy mass produced products.. especially metal castings. Basically all the products I have purchased from Coppertist are like custom jewelry lost wax casting .. very beautiful . .. and I have high standards. I have the bronze Ouroboros bracelet which yes is in fact jewelry .. but has such crisp details in the eyes and mouth and scale patterns .. I also purchased the bronze Ouroboros key chain as kind of an afterthought because I love Coppertist art. For something like a keychain to be smaller than the bracelet but have the same artistic detail was amazing as usual .. I use many of the Coppertist pieces in my cruising sailboat because their products equal the craftsmanship and detail found inside my fine yacht . I sent a photo of the Ouroboros keychain used as a suspension ring for a rotating mova globe I have in the skylight of my sailboat. It looks so amazing and just adds that extra wow factor .. and even a philosophical hint at the cycle of life and death and rebirth on our little planet suspended in space.

Good idea! thanks for your sharing! I am so glad that we met your expectations. We appreciate that you took the time to write us a review. Looking forward to seeing some more orders from you in the future!

Ancora P.

Our son was verry happy!

Thanks for your review! So happy to hear that your son loves our keychain! Hope to see more orders from you in the future!

Marcelo R.

Best Keychain I've ever had.

Thank you for writing us a review, we really appreciate it! We aim to make sure that the customer are satisfied with our products.

Rome M.

Beautifully and carefully packaged,
It is stunning and strong. I will be ordering more as Christmas gifts

Thank you and many blessings

Thank you for writing us a review, we really appreciate it! We aim to make sure that the customer are satisfied with our products. Looking forward to seeing some more orders from you in the future!

Meghan S.

Love your animal designs especially the detail. As a biologist I value that detail. Pictured is a skirt I wear with no pockets. This is the perfect solution for me. I consider it jewelry.

So glad you love the quality and design of our keychain! Thank you so much for taking the time to write us a review, we really appreciate it

David S.

The detail is incredible. It is just a pleasure to touch this.

I am so glad that we met your expectations. We appreciate that you took the time to write us a review.

Callen K.

100 stars! Excellent job! Truly a work of art! My wife bought me this, the detail is the best! Seriously great, and will purchase again in future.

mark Sanford


We're grateful for your support and your positive review !

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Love this keychain! can't wait to put it to use. great craftsmanship

my shipping address was accidentally auto-corrected to an incorrect one. The shop was quick to fix the problem and they arrived safe and sound, and much quicker than I thought!

Would purchase from the store again!

Your review brightened our day. We're honored to have earned your trust and your positive review. Thank you for choosing our company!

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