Brass Crocodile Clip

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Crocodiles are one of the animal kingdoms most ancient creatures. They’ve been around since the age of the dinosaurs and have been a key feature in the religious practices of tribal peoples since we began populating the Earth. And is it any wonder, the creatures every move screams of power and an ancient wisdom. It’s able to camouflage itself as a log by remaining still until the perfect absolute moment and then striking when its prey is in reach with an unmatched ferocity. The result is an impressively savage and efficient take-down.

Now you can have the likeness of this magnificent beast with our hand crafted Crocodile clip. It’s mouth opens to a row of brass teeth that can clamp down on any number of things requiring extra ornamentation. Use this as a money clip, an extra decoration to your clothing, clip to a chain for jewelry. The imagination is the limit.


Material: Brass

Height: 0.6 inches / 14 mm

Width:0.7 inches / 17 mm

Length: 2.4 inches / 60 mm

Weight: 1.2 ounces / 34 g

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