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Cobra Earrings

Cobra Earrings

MaterialGold Vermeil Cobra Earrings Oxidized Silver Cobra Earrings 18K Gold Vermeil & Ruby Cobra Earrings Black Cobra Earrings Gold Vermeil & Gemstone
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Fair pricing

At Coppertistwu, we make the highest quality accessible. Unlike major brands that markup prices 8-10x the actual cost, we do things differently. With our independent design and production in our own artisanal studio, we offer you premium jewelry at fair prices, matching top materials and craftsmanship without the usual price hikes.

Traditional Jewelers $ 100



Materials: 18K Gold Vermeil & Ruby

Oxidized Silver Cobra Earrings


The Cobra Earring is inspired by the attacking posture of a cobra, symbolizing wisdom and courage. Each scale of the cobra is clearly visible and when worn, it appears as if a cobra is coming out from behind the ear.

Crafted with exceptional ingenuity and attention to detail, the Cobra Earring is available in two material options, Gold Vermeil and Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver. The eyes are set with ruby to make them look lifelike. The earrings' intricate design and unique structure make them stand out from other accessories. These earrings offer core functions that extend beyond their stunning design, making them the perfect addition to any unique collection.

The Cobra Earrings are a must-have for those who want to make a statement with their fashion accessories—searching for a new piece? Or a gift for a loved one, the Cobra Earring is sure to impress.


Style Earrings
Type Huggie Earrings / Hoop Earrings
Inspiration Cobra
Material Gold Vermeil
Width 15.8mm (0.62 inches)
Height 15.8mm (0.62 inches)
Weight 5.76g / 0.20oz (pair)
Package Content 1 pair of Cobra Earrings
1 * cloth bag

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How to wear it correctly

How to wear ouroboros earrings correctly step 1

Place your index finger under the ear pin, the curvature of your finger will not easily deform the ear pin

How to wear ouroboros earrings correctly step 1

Press gently with your thumb to open it

How to wear ouroboros earrings correctly step 1

Use your thumb to gently push the snake head and hear a click to indicate a tight fit.

To prevent ear allergies, all ear pins are made of 925 silver. This material is soft and may become deformed during wear, here is a tutorial on how to adjust them

How to adjust ouroboros earrings
How to adjust ouroboros earrings step 1

Align the holes and slowly adjust the curved shape of the earrings with the curvature of your fingers until they are the same as the product we send out.

How to adjust ouroboros earrings step 2

Use your thumb to gently push the snake head, if you hear a click you can snap it on, proving that the adjustment is successful.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
All in all nice

In Wont wear These earrings all day but i got some nice Feedback one day. Ill need something to reduce the space between the end of it the rod and my ear because the head of the cobra is kinda heavy and it tilts a little bit forward. But thats nothing you cant change with a little placeholder

Your feedback is music to our ears! We're delighted you enjoyed our products, and we can't wait to help you find more amazing pieces in the future. Thank you for choosing Coppertistwu!

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Randy Westbrooks

Like everything else you create they are beautifully designed an will add a bit of whimsy to any evening event.

Your review brightened our day. Thank you for your kind words!

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