Brass Martlet Keychain

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Imagine if you will, a bird with no feet forced into perpetual flight. Sleeping in the wind and never knowing a moment of stillness it’s life is spent in testament to never ending effort. Does it fly on in pursuit of freedom, or does it simply have no choice?

Such a creature could never exist in the real world, but it does exist in the world of myths. The Martlet is a mythological bird used in English heraldry to signify perseverance. It’s depicted as a bird similar to a Swift or house Martin only without feet.

When I use to hear the story of the Martlet I was always struck with how sad it was that it would never know things like peace, rest, and home. What a pitiful existence it would be to have to live like that. My heart went out to this make believe bird.

I felt the need to do something, so I went to my workshop and I made the Martlet this foot so that it might know temporary peace.

The pendent is made of brass and has a movable ankle joint to make the piece more dynamic and fun. We painstakingly engraved the fine details of the rope and claws to give it a more complex and textured look. On the claw we have carved a word that surmises how we feel about this fantastical creature. Wondrous.

Buy yours today and give the beautiful Martlet a place to roost! It’s the perfect accessory for people who like a story behind their items. It’s not only gorgeous but it’s one of a kind and a piece of handmade collectible art that can be enjoyed for years to come.


Material: brass

Height: 68.1mm/ 2.68inches

Width: 29.4mm/ 1.56inches

Thickness: 18mm/ 0.71inches

Weight: 36.5g/1.29 ounces

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