Ouroboros Pendant | Brass

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Ouroboros, the ancient Greek and Egyptian symbol of rebirth, life, and death. The serpent is devouring itself and then being reborn from itself at the same time. It is described by the philosopher Plato as being a “cosmic primordial creature in a state of self devouring”.  

It is the representation of how nothing is ever gone, merely changed from one form to another. That the ending of one thing can be the beginning of another in a long cycle of death and rebirth that follows us throughout our lives.

We used the Ouroboros as the inspiration for this piece. We painstakingly carved out the many scales and have made a product that is highly dynamic and unique without lacking the interlocking non ending sense of the curves from the original symbol. Redefining the shape of the Ouroboros using a double-crossed structure of Möbius bands and rings, which is more complex than the original one. We’ve brought you a truly remarkable item that is the perfect conversation piece for those who like their accessories to have a story or meaning behind them.

Material : Brass
Weight: 0.6 ounces / 17g
Length: 1.5 inches /  39mm
Width: 1.5 inches /  39mm
height: 0.2 inches /  6mm
Country / Region
Delivery Time
US 3-5 Business Days
Canada 5-8 Business Days
Australia 10-15 Business Days
UK 3-5 Business Days
Germany 1-2 Business Days
EU 8-15 Business Days
Asia 8-10 Business Days
Other Countries 15-20 Business Days

**Each of our pieces are handmade, we will send them out from our Asian studio when the local warehouses are out of stock. Any questions,please feel free to contact us at any time.

Each piece of COPPERTIST.WU is made of A-grade fine brass, copper, bronze, silver etc. In addition, we also provide custom service by precious material.

Compared to other metals, copper has an interesting and fascinating chemical effect over time, as it created a close relationship between the environment and the user. We also developed a unique handmade aging process, so that each piece of copper artwork has its own unique attributes.

Accessories, made of copper, do not require special maintenance during used period, just need to keep it in a dry place and stay away from acid detergent, salt cleaner and various oil, chloride and other chemical materials, which will cause corrosion on the surface of the product. Avoiding to use cleaning tools to prevent surface scratches. The maintenance methods of 925 sterling silver are same as above. You can also use a silver wiping cloth or OPI to polish the surface regularly to keep it as the original one.

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