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Owl Ring

Owl Ring

MaterialOxidized Silver & 24K & Chrysoprase Owl Ring Black, Silver, Black Agate Owl Ring Oxidized Silver, 24K Gold, Chrysoprase
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At Coppertistwu, we make the highest quality accessible. Unlike major brands that markup prices 8-10x the actual cost, we do things differently. With our independent design and production in our own artisanal studio, we offer you premium jewelry at fair prices, matching top materials and craftsmanship without the usual price hikes.

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Materials: Oxidized Silver, 24K Gold, Chrysoprase
Size: Signet Size: 15mm * 15mm
Min-width: 4.96mm
Thin: 1.6mm
Weight: [#6] 0.35oz / 10.11g
[#7] 0.38oz / 10.8g
[#8] 0.38oz / 10.82g
[#9] 0.38oz / 10.86g
[#10] 0.38oz / 10.88g
Style: Pinky Signet Ring

Oxidized Silver Owl ring


The Owl Ring is inspired by the owl, a timeless symbol of wisdom and knowledge. With their nocturnal habits and astute observation, owls embody hidden truths and the depth of wisdom.

Our Owl Ring is the inaugural piece in our owl-themed collection, and the journey to its creation was a challenging one. We embarked on a quest to capture the owl's essence, refining our designs through multiple iterations. From intricate feather textures to the eyes' delicate detailing, each step was taken with utmost care. After two months of relentless effort, we achieved a look that left us entirely satisfied.

This ring captivates with its intricate and delicate appearance, achieved through layered feathers. In the silver version, the owl's 24k gold beak adds depth and allure to the overall design. The silver variant features captivating chrysoprase gemstone eyes, bestowing a deeper, more soulful gaze.

For the Matte Black Version, we used black agate for the eyes and 925 silver for the beak. A smooth ring design ensures comfortable wear.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our Owl Ring, where ingenious design and meticulous craftsmanship come together to create a piece of art.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Elegant ring with great character

I was worried that the sizing wasn't accurate, but was pleased to find that size 8 fits great on my small hands. Such a unique and well designed ring, with the brushed metal highlighting the owl's design.
Sadly, I accidentally dropped it on the day it arrived. This left a few marks on the band - but I believe that this can be fixed with some fine 600+ grid sandpaper, keeping the brushed metal look (Photos taken before drop).

We're over the moon with your kind words and your choice to shop with us, Georgia. It's customers like you that make our work so fulfilling. We look forward to your next visit!

Rafael Lascano
The green eyes really set it apart

This ring is so beautiful. The green stones and the golden beak makes it stand out. The details of the feathers are very well done.

Your review is a shining example of why we love what we do. We're so grateful for your support, and we can't wait to assist you with your future jewelry and novelty needs

Alexey Alexeev
love it!

very cool ring - got it for a pinkie. sit's nicely. feels sturdy and heavy which shows the quality of the materials.

Happy with the purchase

The ring looks exactly as its shown in the pictures, is stunning when you first take it out of the box. I got the silver ring, the anodized finish looks amazing. The size was a bit off, was a bit too big , but given the style of the ring I rock it on my index /middle finger where it fits better than my ring finger.
It feels comfortable, but if you plan to use it as everyday wear, be ready for the anodized matt finish to go away. I did the dishes wearing this and already got scratches on few places on the band and start to become shiny. Still looks good though. Nothing against the product, its the nature of the metal and usage condition.
10/10 recommend...or not, just so mine looks unique XD

We can't thank you enough for your kind words. Your support is truly appreciated. We're here for all your jewelry and novelty needs, so please visit us again soon.

Excellent quality

Own both in silver and black. The silver in particular stands out wonderfully with the chrysoprase eyes and gold beak. The black is understated but still eye-catching.

We're over the moon with your kind words and your choice to shop with us, Nathan. It's customers like you that make our work so fulfilling. We look forward to your next visit!

Very beautiful and confortable

The finitions are great and the wearing is confortable. I recommand !

We can't thank you enough for your kind words. Your support is truly appreciated. We're here for all your jewelry and novelty needs, so please visit us again soon.

Love the Owl Ring!

All the detail is beautiful and really striking, especially the gold beak. The ring is very comfortable to wear and I'm so happy I purchased it.

I do wonder why you stop at a size 10 in your rings. Adding sizes 11 and 12 could open up your market quite a bit.

If you added a choice of gold eyes--the owl's natural color-- I'd buy a second ring!

Your feedback means the world to us. We're thrilled to have you as a satisfied customer, and we eagerly await your return for more exceptional jewelry. Your wonderful contributions are also seen. Thank You!

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