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Octopus Whistle Pendant

Octopus Whistle Pendant

MaterialOxidized Silver

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Silver Pirate Octopus Whistle Pendant


This Oxidized Silver whistle looks like an item straight out of Davy Jones locker. The body features an octopus whose tentacles flow elegantly down the base of the piece. It's sporting a jaunty pirate hat with a copper fish and rudder as adornments. The creature's eyes are filled with enamel to add depth to the features of the face so it appears more realistic. This beautiful and complex product was cast using the lost wax casting method. It helps ensure that we retain the needed level of precision that our design requires so you always get the high quality and detailed piece that you paid for.

The octopus has always played a big part in sailor lore. There was a legend among seafarers about a great monster that lived in the sea that would drag ships down to the depths. It was huge and had long sucker covered tentacles that it used to latch on to and wrap around the helpless vessels. Of course, no such creature ever truly existed. But it was largely based around tentacled creatures such as the octopus and the squid.

All in all, this product is a must have for pirate fans or for lovers who favorite unique high-quality novelty items. It can be used an emergency whistle, a survival whistle, or even just a fun keychain that spices up your look. Buy yours today and own this functional work of art for yourself.


Style Pendants
Inspiration Octopus & Pirate
Material Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver
Weight 34 g / 1.2 ounces
Height 71.4 mm / 2.81 inches
Width 21.7 mm / 0.85 inches
Package Content 1 * Oxidized Silver Whistle Pendant

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