Collection: Snake Necklace Pendant

Why Buy a Snake Necklace Pendant

According to different groups of people wearing snake pendants, there will be different meanings. For example, those who seek children wear it, which means more children and grandchildren; if students wear it, they have the wisdom of snakes, and they will be successful in their studies. When worn by officials, they can be promoted and rich; when worn by the elderly, they can be healthy and long-lived.

1. Full of descendants

Those who seek children wear snake pendants, which means more children, more blessings, and more children and grandchildren. The super reproductive ability of the snake is the best blessing for them. In addition, the snake combines the dual characteristics of men and women. Wearing it can not only adjust the complementary roles of both men and women but also enable them to realize their wishes as soon as possible. And the blood will be passed down from generation to generation.

2. Academic success

Students who wear snake pendants will have the wisdom of snakes and will be successful in their studies as soon as possible. People have respected the wisdom of snakes since ancient times. To give them emerald snake ornaments, they can pray for their flexibility of mind and high test scores to have snakes' wisdom.

3. Get promoted and get rich

Administrative officials wear snake pendants, which can lead to promotion and fortune. Wearing it by executive officials is not only a standard to show your identity but also to inspire yourself on your career path. In Chinese myth, people believe that one day they will turn a snake into a dragon and have supreme status and power. You can also feel the good luck brought by the emerald snake, which will make your official luck.

4. Longevity

The elderly wear snake pendants to be healthy and long-lived. The snake is a symbol of longevity and has a beautiful meaning. As children, they all hope their parents can enjoy their old age and give them snake ornaments such as pendants. The exquisite sense of snake pendants can also make them healthy and long-lived.