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Amphisbaena Triple layer Ring

Amphisbaena Triple layer Ring

Amphisbaena Triple layer Ring Black & Black Zircon Amphisbaena Triple layer Ring Oxidized Silver & Black Zircon Amphisbaena Triple layer Ring Oxidized Silver & Gemstone
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At Coppertistwu, we make the highest quality accessible. Unlike major brands that markup prices 8-10x the actual cost, we do things differently. With our independent design and production in our own artisanal studio, we offer you premium jewelry at fair prices, matching top materials and craftsmanship without the usual price hikes.

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Amphisbaena Triple layer Ring


Style Rings
Type Wrap Ring
Inspiration Double-headed snake
Material Matte Black Plated Brass
Eyes Black Zircon


The Amphisbaena, a double-headed snake, serves as our design muse. Symbolizing duality and binary opposition, it embodies life's contradictions and contrasts, encompassing moral choices, human nature's complexity, and the interplay between light and darkness.

Enhanced with matte black vacuum plating, this ring showcases an ingenious design and a unique structure. The double coiling of the snake adds weight and strength, elevating its striking appearance when worn. Meticulously crafted scales lend an intricate and lifelike look to the snake's body. The concave interior provides ventilation for comfortable wear, while hand-set zircon stones enliven the snake's eyes, enhancing the ring's allure. Embrace the captivating charm of this matte black masterpiece, a symbol of duality and artistry in one exquisite piece.

Our fascination with snake-themed jewelry led us to explore the myth of the double-headed snake, captivated by its symbolism. Designing this ring presented challenges, particularly in aligning the snake scales at the ring's center. The decision to create a diamond-shaped scale intersection ensured a seamless look. Perfecting the angle of the snake's head and body required careful consideration, leading to the optimal design with a balanced and symmetrical appearance.

Embrace the captivating allure of duality and embrace the contrasting facets of life with this exquisite Amphisbaena-inspired ring, a testament to the craftsmanship and thoughtful design. This extraordinary piece is ideal for collectors, gift-givers, or those seeking to embrace the symbolism of duality and inner conflicts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dzaki S.

Perfect fit. I ordered a wrong size initially and emailed them right away. They were quick in their reply and I had my order fixed right away. Excellent service!

Hi Dzaki,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review! We are thrilled to hear that the Amphisbaena Triple layer Ring was a perfect fit for you. We are always happy to help with any sizing issues and we are glad we could fix your order quickly.

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Thank you for choosing Coppertist and we hope to see you on our Instagram page soon!


It's slightly heavier than my other rings, but the size is perfect and I got used to it quickly. The ring is beautiful, but the little scale details sometimes rub against the other fingers, and cause a bit of an itch.

Still, I'm very satisfied.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Amphisbaena Triple layer Ring. We're glad to hear that the size is perfect and that you love the design. We apologize for any discomfort caused by the scale details rubbing against your other fingers. We will take note of this and make improvements for future designs. Thank you for your feedback and we hope you continue to enjoy your ring.

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Beautifully made ring with a good weight. Amphisbaena is a concept that denotes many minds in a body and that's deeply symbolic for me. The details on this ring are just fabulous.

Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to leave a review! We are thrilled to hear that you love our Amphisbaena Triple layer Ring. The symbolism behind the concept of Amphisbaena is truly special and we are glad that it resonates with you. We take great pride in the details of our products and we are happy to hear that you appreciate them. Thank you for choosing our ring and we hope you continue to enjoy it. Have a wonderful day!


Amazing quality


One of the best rings you'll ever buy
Definitely make a custom one 😉

Qualità eccezzionale!

Ero un po' preoccupata quando ho visto che il prodotto arrivava dalla Cina, ma non sono rimasta delusa; ha un peso, un colore, una qualità e una precisione nei dettagli perfetta! Amo questo anello, e mio marito lo ama ancora di più!

La tua recensione ci scalda il cuore! Siamo grati per il vostro patrocinio e supporto. Siamo qui per fornirti i migliori gioielli e novità, quindi non esitare a tornare.

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The twin snake ring is artistically designed.

We're delighted to hear that our services met your expectations. Thank you for the wonderful review!

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Susan L
Love so much!!!

The only jewelry I wear is from the copperist. The detail, quality and genera is on point! I’ve never found all the creatures I adore in one place! Please add bats. 🦇♥️.

We're so glad to have provided you with an excellent experience. Thank you for the positive review!

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