Bombay Cat Incense Holder | 925 Sterling Silver

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The cat. A symbol of mystery, darkness, and independence. Slipping gracefully through the night on paws as soft as silk. A beast believed to be be half way in this world and the next.

What better creature to hold your incense? That’s why this products design is feline. Our incense holder features the beautiful and mysterious cat sitting dignified while looking up at the sky. He holds your incense with a air of pride and a single curved front paw.

This unique and beautiful item is a perfect accent to any room. Why have a basic and boring incense holder when you can have this great conversation starter as a part of your collection.


Material - Solid 925 Sterling Silver 

Width: 21 mm / 0.82 inches

Height: 49 mm / 1.92 inches

Weight: 98 g / 3.46 ounces 



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**Each of our pieces are handmade, we will send them out from our Asian studio when the local warehouses are out of stock. Any questions,please feel free to contact us at any time.

Each piece of COPPERTIST.WU is made of A-grade fine brass, copper, bronze, silver etc. In addition, we also provide custom service by precious material.

Compared to other metals, copper has an interesting and fascinating chemical effect over time, as it created a close relationship between the environment and the user. We also developed a unique handmade aging process, so that each piece of copper artwork has its own unique attributes.

Accessories, made of copper, do not require special maintenance during used period, just need to keep it in a dry place and stay away from acid detergent, salt cleaner and various oil, chloride and other chemical materials, which will cause corrosion on the surface of the product. Avoiding to use cleaning tools to prevent surface scratches. The maintenance methods of 925 sterling silver are same as above. You can also use a silver wiping cloth or OPI to polish the surface regularly to keep it as the original one.

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