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Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnets

Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnets

MaterialOxidized Silver
Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnets Oxidized Silver & Black Agate Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnets Silver & Black Agate Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnets 14K Gold & Black Agate Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnets 18K Gold & Black Agate Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnets 24K Gold & Black Agate Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnets Brass & Black Agate
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Customized Gecko Fridge Magnets


Type Fridge Magnets
Inspiration Knob Tail Gecko
Material Oxidized Silver & Black Agate
Length 60.10mm / 2.37inches
Width 21.99mm / 0.87inches
Thickness 11.75mm / 0.46inches


Let your imagination run wild as you personalize jewelry with our finest materials and gemstones. Choose from a stunning selection, including 14K gold, 18K gold, 24K gold, 18K white gold, rose gold, and the timeless luster of 925 sterling silver.

The colors of 14k, 18k, and 24k gold differ, and the predominant consideration should be the actual color of the product. The images are for reference purposes only.

Bright silver products may oxidize more easily compared to oxidized silver, which is a normal metal oxidation phenomenon. Regular cleaning with a silver cloth or silver cleaner can ensure that the product stays as good as new.


Inspired by the captivating Knob Tail Gecko, The Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnet embodies the essence of protection and guardianship. Just like the Gecko's watchful nature, this magnet serves as a unique and meaningful addition to your home, kitchen or collection.

Made of S925 and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, The Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnet showcases ingenious design elements. The eyes, beautifully crafted with black Zircon stones, capture the vibrant and expressive nature of the Gecko. The magnet features two robust magnets at the bottom, ensuring a secure and steadfast attachment. From afar, it seamlessly mimics the appearance of a real Knob Tail Gecko, effortlessly crawling on the surface of your fridge.

The intricate design and attention to detail make it a standout piece that sparks conversation and admiration. Each time you glance at it, the vibrant eyes of the Gecko remind you of the importance of protection and guardianship. Whether you choose to use it as a decorative magnet or share it as a thoughtful gift, our Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnet brings a touch of nature's beauty and symbolism into your everyday life. Experience the magic of this unique magnet and elevate your decor with a touch of the extraordinary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Alba Andrés Criado

Love it! Now he’s taking care of my plant terrarium!

Thank you for your kind words! We are so glad to hear that our Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnets are not only functional but also adding a touch of charm to your plant terrarium. Happy to know that our little gecko is taking good care of your plants. Thank you for choosing our product.


It’s a cute little guy with a strong magnet!

Thank you for your kind review. We're so happy to hear that you love our Knob Tail Gecko fridge magnets! They sure do have a strong magnet, don't they? We would love for you to join our Instagram community and connect with other gecko lovers like yourself. Plus, as a valued member, you'll receive our biggest discount code. Just send us a direct message with 'In' to and become a cherished member today! Thank you for your support.

Anubis 1101

Cute little gecko magnet. Decently strong, strong enough to hold up paper or whatever else you'd want to stick to your fridge. Detail and quality seems just like the pictures on the site.

Bought this as a test, and it passed, so I'll be buying a few more things as gifts.

Hi there! We're so glad to hear that you are enjoying our Knob Tail Gecko Fridge Magnets. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and for your kind words. We're happy to know that the magnet is strong and lives up to the pictures on our site. We would love for you to join our Instagram community to stay updated on new products and receive exclusive benefits. Just send us a direct message with 'In' to and become a cherished member today! Thank you for choosing our product and we look forward to serving you again.


This little gecko is adorable, high quality and beautifully detailed. It was a gift for my mom and she loves it!

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Silvia Garcia Palau

A very detailed gecko, absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful piece for add to my collection of COPPERTIST.WU.

Your kind words are greatly appreciated. Thank you for the positive feedback!

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Sandra Zabara
Imán precioso

Este imán es precioso, muy realista y de buena calidad. El envío fue bastante rápido. Muy contenta con mi compra

Tu reseña alegró nuestro día. ¡Gracias por tus amables palabras!
Nos llena de felicidad saber que estás satisfecho/a con nuestros servicios.

¿Te gustaría formar parte de nuestro grupo en Instagram? Viene con muchos beneficios. Únete y conoce a otros que comparten el mismo amor por nuestro trabajo que tú. Solo envía un mensaje directo con la palabra 'In' a y te agregaremos. ¡No podemos esperar para tenerte con nosotros!

Awesome piece!

The 🦎 geckos 🦎 are stunning! Love the magnets! Absolutely beautiful. That you for the quick service.


It's about 3-4 inches tall and sticks to the fridge well. The details on this are really great and the eyes are what catch the gaze every time I go to open the fridge.


Adorable! Nice strength to the magnets


Adorable! I am absolutely in love with this little fella!

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