Brass Octopus Tentacle Keychain

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prodcut sevice
The Review of Octopus Tentacle Keychain

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Animals are designers wandering in nature and give us unlimited inspiration. We combine a unique perspective with traditional craftsmanship. Creativity gives nature a newborn and decorates life with spirituality.

The octopus - the alien brain among the earth.

The octopus is the most bizarre, alien-like species on Earth. An octopus has about 40 million receptors throughout its body, most of which are located at the edges of its suction cups. Octopuses are extremely intelligent, cunning, even able to use tools, very good at camouflage, but also quite vindictive. Each of their tentacles seems to have its own mind and consciousness, and can do their own thing relatively independently under the command of the nervous system. With its unique appearance, the octopus has leapt to become the most popular ancient creature in Cthulhu mythology. It has evolved into an impressive cultural symbol.

Following the call of Cthulhu, we took the flexible tentacles of the octopus as the prototype, combined with our classic keychain items, and after hundreds of continuous adjustments, We finally finished this distinctive octopus keychain. Each sucker on this tentacle keychain is hand-carved by artisans. Every detail reflects the unique charm of handmade. The lines of the whole work are extremely flowing, lifelike and highly dynamic, as if this tentacle will reach further in the next second. This small piece of work not only reflects our creative concept, but also is the best present for Cthulhu lovers.

Style Keychains & Keyring
Inspiration Octopus Tentacle
Material Brass
Length 87.7 mm / 3.45 inches
Width 29.7 mm / 1.17 inches
Weight 26 g / 0.92 ounces
Package 1 * Brass Octopus Tentacle Keychain
1 * Free Key Ring
Country / Region
Delivery Time
US 3-5 Business Days
Canada 5-8 Business Days
Australia 10-15 Business Days
UK 3-5 Business Days
Germany 1-2 Business Days
EU 8-15 Business Days
Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand 5-7 Business Days
Other Asian countries and regions 8-10 Business Days
Other Countries 15-20 Business Days

Note: Each of our pieces are handmade, we will send them out from our Asian studio when the local warehouses are out of stock. Any questions,please feel free to contact us at any time.

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