How to remove the brass patina and make the product look cleaner

How to remove the brass patina and make the product look cleaner


If you have a copper article at home, after leaving it idle for a period of time, we will suddenly find that the surface of the copper article is covered with a layer of green spots. These green spots that don’t look at all bad are actually brass patina.

How to remove the brass patina and make the product look cleaner

Brass patina, also known as copper rust, is a common chemical substance, and the main component is basic copper carbonate, which is generally formed on the periphery of copper articles. When exposed to the air for a long time, copper will react with oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air, and brass patina will be produced as a result.

 In normal cases, brass patina is mostly a fine powder crystal, which shows green in appearance, and earth-yellow or light green in interior, with its own metallic luster. Although it is the product of chemical reaction, brass patina is not useless. It covers the surfaces of copper articles, which better protects them so that they will no longer continue to oxidize. This helps them become more corrosion-resistant. In this way, the protected copper articles can be used for another 100 years! This is why most of the antiques commonly found by people are made of copper.

The crafts produced by Coppertist.Wu are all purely made by hand and have been elaborately carved by professional technicians. The designer devoted himself (and his ever thinning hair) to every new product. As the major product series, our brass products are mainly made of bronze, red copper and brass, making it more gorgeous while ensuring firmness.


  1. How to delay the formation of brass patina?

Place the copper articles in a dry place and wipe them with a dry cloth.

  1. How to remove the brass patina and make the product look cleaner?

When there is just a little brass patina, a small brush can be used to brush it several times. After brushing, wash the product with clean water and then wipe it dry. When there is more brass patina, a brush with toothpaste can be used to brush it or metal polish cream can be used for treatment.

  1. Is brass patina poisonous? What if people accidentally eat it?

Brass patina has weak toxicity. Don’t eat it. Eating trace amounts by mistake will not have impact on the health. However, you’re recommended to go to the hospital for relevant examination in such cases.

  1. I like brass patina so much. How to make it produced quickly?

The simplest way is to place the article in a humid place, making it contact more carbon dioxide in the humid air.

  1. I have a brass article. Can it produce brass patina?

Brass is also a kind of copper. There is absolutely no problem for it to produce brass patina.

As a chemical substance, the appearance of brass patina is perfectly natural. You don’t have to be surprised! In addition, brass patina can also help to protect our copper articles, just like putting a suit of armor on copper articles. It's so cool and not bad for us, isn’t it?

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