Our Mission

Knowing, respecting, and protecting

Our mission has always been to showcase the beauty of wildlife through our unique art. We firmly believe that by raising awareness of these various creatures, society will take notice and treat them with more respect. That respect could lead to greater protection of our remaining wildlife and a more harmonious union between man and nature.

Inspired By Nature

The charm of wildlife

Each creature on the planet has it’s own unique beauty. We try and take the essence of these wonderful animals and embody it in our work. We hope that when you use or wear these items that you’ll feel the spirit of the wild captured in metal and let it deepen your bond with nature.

Handcrafted with soul

Taking every step seriously

From its conception and 3d modeling, to the selection of raw materials, to making molds and wax castings. Our crafting process can be long and arduous. Our products can sometimes take upwards of twenty steps before they're done.  We work hard to complete each piece to perfection because we believe that both you and nature deserve nothing less than our best possible work.


Only the best

Brass has a long history of being used in such things as statues, ceremonial rituals, and various works of art. It’s considered the metal with the warmest tone, and even more importantly the most malleability. The ease in which it can be worked gives us unlimited creative possibilities. The brass is also a metal of character. It oxidizes over time naturally with wear and use, gradually aging with you.

Our sterling silver is the cool opposite to the warm brass. This metal has been used since the early 1100’s in everything from coins to kitchenware. It’s still in high favor and demand, especially in the jewelry industry.

We offer most of our pieces in either a brass or silver version so the customer can pick the material that feels right to them.

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