Collection: Brooches

Brooches are loved by many people. Although small, they are the showcase of people's hearts. The wearing of brooches reflects people's love for life and their pursuit of beauty. Brooches are also an expression of people's aesthetics. In fact, all kinds of brooches have their own characteristics. Wearing different styles of brooches gives people different feelings. Although many people like to wear brooches, they don’t know what the definition of a brooch is, so what is the definition of a brooch?

1. What is the definition of brooch

A brooch is an ornament pinned on clothes, and it can also be considered as a decorative pin. Brooches are generally made of metal, and are inlaid with gems, enamel, etc. Brooches can be used as pure decorations, or can be used to fix clothes. Brooches are also called brooches. Brooches are worn on the chest or collar. They are generally pinned on the front chest of clothing. They can be pinned in the middle or on one side. They can be pinned on the collar of a suit or on the front chest. There is greater randomness at the mouth of the pocket.

2. Selection of brooches

The choice of brooches is also particular. The choice of brooches depends on the clothes. If the color of your clothes is relatively simple, you can wear brooches with floral decorations, which will look noble and unique. If you are wearing irregular or asymmetrical clothing, you can pin the brooch in the middle of the clothing, which can balance the view. If the bottom is a darker skirt or trousers and the top is multi-colored, you can wear a brooch of the same color as the bottom on the multi-color top.

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