Brass Tiger Pendant

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prodcut sevice
prodcut sevice

We were inspired by the classic poem "In me the tiger sniffs the rose", a masterpiece by the British poet Siegfried Sassoon. We then turned that spark of inspiration into the beautiful piece you see here.

The entire piece is cast in brass. The tigers serious face is gazing out as if to survey his territory. The hand carved roses and vines are made from copper and add a certain tenderness to the product. The two contrasting materials make the whole thing pop. A copy of the poem that inspired the piece is located on the other side on the item in enamel.

Depicting the tigers hair patterns and the line work of the roses were the hardest part of this items design and production. But our skilled artisans did an amazing job adding all those fine details to bring you the unique and gorgeous item you see before you!

Style Necklace Pendant
Inspiration Tiger
Material Brass & Copper
Length 26.7 mm / 1.05 inches
Height 45.8 mm / 1.8 inches
Weight 26.79 g / 0.94 ounces
Package 1 * Tiger Pendant(Brass)
1 * Free Key Ring
Country / Region
Delivery Time
US 3-5 Business Days
Canada 5-8 Business Days
Australia 10-15 Business Days
UK 3-5 Business Days
Germany 1-2 Business Days
EU 8-15 Business Days
Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand 5-7 Business Days
Other Asian countries and regions 8-10 Business Days
Other Countries 15-20 Business Days

Note: Each of our pieces are handmade, we will send them out from our Asian studio when the local warehouses are out of stock. Any questions,please feel free to contact us at any time.

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